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Bariloche and the lake district

Cruce de los lagos 4.jpg Cumelen Golf et port.jpg bariloche_1.jpg 1516166019_c578d77bed_zf431023259c60e6e25940adf996b747e.jpg 189490773_8509ca45ed_zae085ff88d8cb7960db8dc855bce3339.jpg Parapente Bariloche.jpg Bariloche, vol de condors sur le catedral.jpg

Nowadays, outdoor activities in this magnificent Lake District are countless: In winter (June to September), the visitor can enjoy an authentic skiing paradise in Mount Catedral (the biggest ski resort in South America) as well as skiing in Villa La Angostura or San Martín de los Andes. As one reaches the top of each run, the view onto the surrounding lakes is absolutely breath-taking and unique. In summer (November to March), the outdoor activities are many and range from one day trekking or more; mountain-biking, climbing and golf (two major 18 hole golf courses) to riding, fly-fishing, sailing and paragliding, among other activities. There are also many lake excursions, which allow one to enjoy the incredible beauty of the unspoiled natural surroundings. Bariloche, however, can also offer a place to rest and enjoy some leisure time at the end of any of the excursions in this area.

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