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General terms and conditions

1. Registration and payment

Any registration shall be done along with the payment of a deposit representing 30% of the total cost of the services plus 100% of the eventual air tickets; receipt of this deposit only implies acceptance of the reservation in cases where places are available. Once the deposit is accepted, the outstanding balance will have to be paid 45 days before the services initiate. On confirmation of your circuit, you will be asked to provide us as soon as possible with information regarding the travellers (names, forenames, birthday, scanned passport copy), so as to ensure the bookings.
Terra Argentina cannot be hold for responsible if this information has not been received on time, and if the reservations are impacted.

2. Cancellation

If the client has to cancel his trip, the paid amounts will be refund subject to the following terms, function of the cancellation notice date:

  •  From 30 to 80 days before arrival: 100% of the deposit will not be refund.
  •  Less than 30 days before arrival: 100 % of the total amount of the trip will not be refund.

In the event that the booking of some services implies a payment, by Terra Argentina, of an amount that cannot be refund by any circumstances whatsoever or any anticipation notice (air tickets, booking of some hotel packages or cruises according to specific politics of cancellation imposed by suppliers), the refund modalities expressed above will not be applied and shall be agreed on a case by case mode.

In the eventuality of a change in the number of participants, the fares will be reviewed and adapted to the new number of travellers.

3. Claims

Any claim concerning a tour (disagreement, non-fulfilment of a part of the tour, etc.) will have to be written down and sent to Terra Argentina. A possible point at issue will come to an amicable agreement. In case of total disagreement, Terra Argentina being an Argentinian we will refer to Buenos Aires Courts, Argentina.

4. Insurance

All travellers must personally take out an insurance which gives assistance for repatriation. Most of credit cards allow you to receive one or two insurance(s): a travel insurance and an assistance agreement for repatriation. In the case whereby you have paid for your flight ticket with your credit card (Visa or American Express), or you have paid the deposit via our online payment system, you should normally be insured but it is your responsibility to make an inquiry about this subject with your bank. The decision to take or not these insurances is entire responsibility of the participants. Terra Argentina may require that you sign a discharge of responsibility at your arrival in Argentina.

In case of activities with higher risks, like andinism, diving and extreme sports (rafting, paragliding,…), a specific and complementary insurance will have to be bought by your own means and a copy of the contract will have to be sent to Terra Argentina.

5. Responsibility

Passports, vaccinations, medical treatments, health prevention: Terra Argentina will not take on the individual responsibility of each participant. Participants should adhere to police and customs rules and formalities, and health requirements at any moment of your travel. Each participant should also take it upon himself or herself to obtain all the documents required by the authorities of the visited country. Terra Argentina holds no responsibility in the case of delay or in the situation whereby one of the participants is unable to present their documents in order. The expenses incurred are at the cost of the client. No reimbursement, whatever the reason is, will be given for a tour interrupted or cut short on account of a participant. Please refer to the Consulate of your country about formalities at the time of your travel.

6. Risks

Taking into account the nature of our organized trips, each participant should be aware that they could face certain risks, particularly owing to the remoteness from medical centres, the state of the roads, and the adventurous nature of some of the tours (principally the high mountain tracks, the hikes and the off-road vehicle expeditions, nautical sports, diving,…). Argentina does not yet dispose of all the facilities and means for a quick evacuation in most of the far sites. It is assumed that each participant, with full knowledge of the facts, commits him or herself to not bringing responsibility to Terra Argentina, to the guides or to different providers of the services, for unexpected accidents.
If certain circumstances arise, in particular when the safety of the whole group is at risk, but also for climatic reasons or incidents, Terra Argentina reserves the direct or indirect right (through the intermediary of a guide for example), to substitute one mean of transport, accommodation, or itinerary for another, as well as the dates or the times of departure. In these circumstances the participants do not have the right to claim for compensation.
Each participant must comply with the precautionary rules and must follow the instructions given by the Terra Argentina guide.
Terra Argentina cannot be held responsible for accidents that are caused by individual carelessness of a member of the group. Terra Argentina reserves the right, at any moment, to remove from a group, a person whose behaviour could be considered as jeopardizing the security or the well-being of the participants. No compensation will be given.
If a participant refuses to comply with the indications of a guide, this one will make sign a disclaimer of responsibility that will act the disagreement and will hold Terra Argentina and the guide out of any possible legal proceedings.

7. Health

The participants will have to inform Terra Argentina and the guides about their health and physical condition so as to take them in account when performing some activity. Even if informed, Terra Argentina and the guides cannot be held responsible in case of accident. If the participant has known difficulties (respiration for example) that could complicate activities in altitude, he or she will have to ask Terra Argentina, before the arrival in the country, the possibility to put at his or her disposal an oxygen bottle according to availability. In all cases, Terra Argentina and the guides cannot substitute to doctors, medical personal or even the participant to know what best suits to their health condition. It is thus of the entire responsibility of the participant to know if the proposed activities will be compatible with their condition.

8. Hotels

The Argentinian hotel infrastructure is inferior to standards used in developed countries. However we work with hotels we know and trust. Terra Argentina cannot be hold responsible for problems arising in a hotel (thefts for example).

9. Luggage

Your luggage will be your own responsibility throughout the trip. Do not entrust your guide with the care of your luggage. It is not materially possible for us to guarantee this care.

10. Air transport & Climate

If your trip is changed because of air traffic or climatic disruptions, we cannot be held responsible. The resulting costs are at your expense.

11. Unforeseen events

If exterior events disrupt the normal functioning of the country (for example: social and political problems, natural disasters, etc.), Terra Argentina reserves the right to cancel the trip or to modify its content. In case of cancellation, the part of the deposit corresponding to pre-payment for services already booked will be withheld. In case of route alterations, a new estimation will be established and sent to the customer.

12. Change rate

The sold programs in other currencies than the North American Dollar (Euro for example) are based on a change rate calculated at a specific moment. In case of sudden devaluation, the amount of the travel services would be recomputed, giving the choice to the customer to maintain the service or cancel it.

The acceptance of a program implies acceptance of our General and Particular Sales Conditions.

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