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Practical information about Argentina

To reach our agency at any moment, you can call our service 24h: (+54) 9 2944 641687


Your safety is our priority. Argentina is a safe destination. The tango and Maradona country is not particularly dangerous for travellers and tourists.  Nevertheless, you may take some basic precautions and show some common sense, especially in centre-towns, touristic districts, pedestrian and shopping streets. We advise to avoid anything that could bring attention such as jewellery or expensive and big cameras.   

Some activities such as rafting, hiking or excursions in Amazonia imply several safety rules.

You will be helped by our specialized guides and we will provide high quality equipment. You can read our safety commitment and emergency documents on our Terra Group website.

Formality / passport

No particular issue to go to Argentina. Just make sure to bring your valid passport. Most countries don`t need visa. Check the info on your government´s website.

Currency and banks

The official currency in Argentina is the Peso. The symbol is $ (or $AR), whereas North American dollar is US$: make sure not to mix up both of them.


We usually let 10% of the bill to waitresses in bars and restaurants. In airports and some hotels you can also let tips for luggage carriers. Unlike some countries in South America, it is not usual to bargain in Argentina.

Shopping / Tax Free (VAT refund)

Under some conditions, it is possible to have a refund of the VAT (21%), that we called in Argentina IVA. After deducting some administrative fees, your refund will be around 15%. The shopping where you buy must be registered and have the “Tax Free” label. You have to keep your bills and a check with the Tax Free/Global Blue logo to ask for refund (in Argentinian pesos and in cash)


You should be careful with the weight of your luggage because every airline company does not apply the same rules (you can check this specific information on your airline ticket). For domestic flights, you can bring a 15 kg luggage with Aerolineas Argentinas and 20 kg for LAN by person + 10kg for cabin luggage.

Clothes and equipment

When your trip will be confirmed, we will send, on request, an equipment list recommendation

Phone, internet and electricity

To call from abroad to Argentina, you should use the prefix numbers +00 54 followed by the locality code you want to reach.

Wifi connexions are available in most hotels, restaurants and coffee bar.

Electric current is 220 volts (50 Hz).


The official language is the Spanish. But there are also about twenty native languages such as the aymara and the quechua (north west), guarani (Misiones region), the mapuche and tehuelche in the Lake Region. There is also a local slang called Lunfardo, mainly spoken in the capital.

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