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Travelling in Argentina

International flights

From Europe, we usually recommend the airline company Air France with daily flights from Paris. You can also opt for the airline company KLM, 4 times a week from Amsterdam. Usually flights last between 12 and 13 hours.

Another option is to fly with the airline company Aerolineas Argentinas or the Spanish companies Iberia and Air Europa (daily flights via Madrid), the Italian company ALITALIA (daily flights via Roma), TAM compamy via Rio or Sao Paulo in Brazil. Also you can opt for an American company with a transit in USA (careful with visa transit)

Terra Patagonia is not in charge of the reservation of your international flights. Nevertheless, we can take care of the national flights or cross border flights if you want to visit other countries promoted by Terra Group.

National flight

National trips are mainly offered by Aerolineas Argentinas. LAN also link up most of the cities in the country. Distances are long so the average for a national flight is between 2 hours and 2h30.

Please note that for domestic flights, Aerolineas Argentinas allows a 15kg luggage, whereas it is 20kg for LAN.

Vehicle and private drivers

We prefer offering a private transport during your trip, that is to say we propose a car with a Spanish-speaking driver.

We include several fees in the budget quote such as gasoline, parking and toll fees. We also include accommodation and meal fees for your driver. You don’t have to  pay anything more !

The car will be adapted to your group depending on the number of people. It is totally private: no one else can come up in the vehicle.

Car Rental

It is totally possible to visit some regions in “auto tour” formula: we are available to rent a car for you on site.

Bus and shuttle

Bus and shuttles are confortable, fast and often on-time. If you have a tight budget, it can be a good option. If you need more comfort we advise to opt for a private vehicle.

Taxis in town

As soon as you arrive, we can recommend the best taxi companies in the different cities (the service can be with a meter or with a fixed price if it is a long distance)

Distances and time on the road

Argentina is a very big country with a changing climate depending on the region. Generally, the country offers good roads.

It is important to underline that roads can`t be compared with roads in Europe or North America. Besides, some regions are difficult to access due to climate, isolation or topography.

Time rides are given on demand, on an indicative basis. We care as much as possible, for your comfort, not to propose an itinerary with more than 5 hours’ drive on a same day.

You should also know that we think about time and hours schedule differently in occidental countries so you should be prepared sometimes to be patient.

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