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Terra Argentina is a travel agency located in northern Patagonia, Argentina. We are specialized in organizing tailor-made, off-the beaten tracks authentic trips, to ensure our travelers experience the main sites in an authentic and original manner. Let us know what your passions are, and we will make sure that your itinerary builds on what you like and exceeds your expectations - whether it is getting to know the Argentinian culture, relaxing and disconnecting in a natural environment, living an adventurous journey, meeting local people, observing wildlife or learning specific skills… Let us guide you through our wonderful destination. Terra Argentina is a member of Terra Group, a seasoned international travel agency that caters for all profiles: customized journeys for individuals, group trips, couples, families, friends and incentive programs.

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The travel consultants at Terra Argentina are all living in Argentina. They are best placed to help you plan your itinerary. Contact them today!

Explorers and Adventurers: on Darwin’s footsteps across the wild, secret Atlantic Patagonia
Featured itinerary | February 2024

Explorers and Adventurers: on Darwin’s footsteps across the wild, secret Atlantic Patagonia

  • 14 days
  • Argentina Off the Beaten Paths
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