Why Argentina is the ideal destination for travel in times of COVID

Our travellers tell you all you need to know about traveling in Argentina with COVID restrictions.

Written by Justine Schmutz

Are you travellers dreaming of leaving COVID behind? Are you looking for freedom, a big change of scenery and security? You should definitely look into Argentina!

The southern summer is not over yet – it is the best time to discover one of our wonderful national parks, explore Patagonia without crowds, or the northern regions and tropical forests with cooler temperatures and a vibrant wildlife. Argentina also has implemented strong and safe health protocols for several months, with a good vaccination rate and entry conditions that are favourable to travellers.

It is therefore the ideal time to explore the Argentine regions! We are not the only ones saying it. We have asked our travellers for some feedback, and they tell you why a trip to Argentina in 2022 is worth it. Check Patagonia off your bucket list as the best way to celebrate 2022!

What should I know before travelling to Argentina?

First get in touch with us  to organise your ideal itinerary and to help you prepare for COVID restrictions in Argentina! Our travellers were pleased with the assistance we provided for pre-departure formalities: Melanie and Yuri from Canada thanked us for our help with the paperwork to comply with Argentina’s COVID requirements. They found that “the support we got from Terra Argentina was exceptional, fast and exactly what we needed.”

Seasons are reversed, as we are in the Southern hemisphere: your winter is our summer. The ideal season to visit Patagonia runs from November to March, and Northern regions are best enjoyed from April to October when the rains stop and temperatures cool down a little.

Think about how much time you can travel, beware of the huge distance and few connexions between each region. Direct flights are available from one region to the other without having to connect in Buenos Aires, but they do not always operate every day – we will guide you through the best option!

What are the updated Argentina COVID restrictions?

To be able to travel to Argentina currently, all foreign travellers must :

  • have received a complete vaccination
  • subscribe a travel insurance that covers you for COVID within the country
  • present a negative antigenic test taken less than 48 hours before arrival
  • complete a sworn health statement (form available in English)

To discover Argentina in an authentic way and off the beaten tracks, rely on our local expertise to guide you and design an unforgettable trip together: we will build the best itinerary according to your interests, the time of the year, the things you are passionate about and will always try to surprise you with some unexpected gems!

You will find our service useful during pre-travel for the preparations but also while travelling. Travel carefree and let us monitor the Argentinian and your home country COVID restrictions. We know they can change rapidly and it should never stop you from purely enjoying your stay – no more checking diplomatic websites while wine-tasting in the Mendoza vineyards! No more climbing atop the Mount Fitz Roy to find signal. We closely monitor all official websites, let you know if there is a major change, and organise the necessary tests for travellers who wish to do so.

To find out the latest rules for travelling to Argentina, please visit our special covid-19 news page which is updated regularly!

Melanie and Françoise travelled in January with Terra Argentina

Melanie always travels with a local agency because “they are the experts and I want to avoid the middleman”.

Françoise, a seasoned traveller, is “used to organising [her] own road trips, but Patagonia hides its treasures. Online information is limited and the 4G network is not always available. Contacting Terra Argentina allowed me to experience authentic activities and travel worry-free from the logistics to focus solely on discovery and photography.”

What are the COVID rules and are they stressful when travelling in Argentina?

We asked our travellers to honestly tell us how they felt traveling in Argentina in times of COVID and whether they would recommend travelling to Argentina right now.

All of our travellers found the country very safe and the restrictions very much respected but not overbearing. Two-thirds found that the rules were better respected than in their home country. Masks are compulsory in closed spaces but not outside. All venues are accessible, no reservations necessary, and no additional tests are required.

What is travelling like on the ground in Argentina during COVID?

Our travellers found the atmosphere on site “Serene, welcoming and very respectful of barrier gestures”. Karen and Helen observed that Argentines wear their masks both indoors and outdoors, and that distances between tables are respected in the restaurants. Restaurant staffs wear their masks and hydro-alcoholic gel is available at the entrance or on the tables. During navigations (Lago Argentino and Beagle Channel), they witnessed the same compliance with wearing masks, both indoors and outdoors.

Travelling with us also means that our travellers are taken care of every day:

Françoise who travelled alone found it “very reassuring to have a driver assigned to her as soon as she got off the plane or on the morning of the excursions. Argentina is so big that you have to accept numerous transfers if you want to discover several regions in the same trip.”

And why travel to Argentina in COVID time? Can I still enjoy my trip in spite of everything?

Françoise says she enjoyed the “beautiful diversity of landscapes and things to visit.”

When we asked our travellers what the most tiresome thing about the COVID restrictions was during their trip, they told us that nothing was hard or unpleasant, the hardest part was to go back home!

Brigitte, Elise and Christine, who travelled in November right when our borders opened, appreciated “the very warm welcome of the Argentinians, who were very happy to see tourists again and were always ready to help or guide us, the discovery of must-see beautiful sites, and the majestic landscapes with the endemic flora in full bloom during the spring. A very pleasant stay”.

Karen and Helen took this picture of the Perito Moreno glacier, proving it is as beautiful in real life as they had imagined!

We leave you with this genuine answer from Helen and Karen, who drove around with a rental car, a great moment of freedom for their road trip in Patagonia:

Would you recommend keen travellers to come to Argentina despite COVID?

Absolutely! All the conditions are gathered to explore wonderful landscapes while being completely safe and forget about this pandemic!

Are you in? We will gladly take you on a trip this year to forget about COVID, recharge your batteries and start again with a lot of energy for 2022!

Thanks to all our travellers who shared their comments and photos with us! Come back soon!

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