Buenos Aires

This cosmopolitan European-style city figures amongst the top ten most dynamic cities in the world and offers a wide variety of arts, cultures, theatres and traditions. Its multiculturalism and diverse neighbourhoods provide endless surprises. Explore the colourful Caminito alleyway of La Boca, where Tango was born, connect with the rich historical centre around Plaza de Mayo, cycle around the renovated docks of Puerto Madero, take a stroll in one of the many Palermo leafy parks…

The city’s modern architecture and bustling activity combine pleasantly with its ancient traditions and small quaint neighbourhoods.

The province of Buenos Aires

It includes the federal capital and the region of Buenos Aires. It is the largest, richest and most populated province in Argentina. There are more than 16 million inhabitants in the region, of which nearly 3 million live in the capital, which represents no less than 45% of the total Argentine population in a territory that covers only 10% of the country’s total area.

The city of Buenos Aires

It best embodies the diversity and multicultural aspect of the Argentine nation, fascinating travelers with its contrasting neighborhoods, strongly inspired by European architecture, and its warm atmosphere with its historic cafes and numerous restaurants open at all hours.
Buenos Aires is also an art of living, expressed through the tango, lunfardo and fileteado, symbols of a lively and seductive porteña culture.

The Argentine capital

offers a spectacular cultural offer, theaters, concerts, film and dance festivals, as well as numerous shopping malls and designer boutiques, scattered throughout the city. In the surrounding area, rural tourism in the estancias or walks along the canals of the Tigre Delta are popular alternatives for both visitors and porteños, inhabitants of Buenos Aires, for a weekend.

The landscape of the Buenos Aires region is made up of large plains, the famous “pampa argentina”, land of livestock and cereal crops. The territory of the province also offers beautiful landscapes, lakes and countless lagoons, numerous birds and a lush flora. In the northwest, the Parana River Delta is a rich reservoir of aquatic life, both plant and animal. The region also offers several mountain ranges, although of low altitude, but covered with forests and woods, where clear rivers are born, interspersed with beautiful waterfalls.

The climate of the province is temperate with average temperatures between 10°C and 25°C. Strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, summers are very hot and winters are temperate. Humidity is high and rainfall is abundant throughout the year.

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