Our Commitments to Responsible Traveling

We believe that traveling is essential and necessary as it questions our beliefs, surprises us and incites us to take a stance. We are convinced that encounters with foreign cultures bring changes and meaning to our world. We will keep traveling, but we will do it differently: taking our time, collaborating with the local communities, choosing low-carbon itineraries… Each change we undertake is a step in the right direction to build a more aware and respectful world.

What do we do in Terra Argentina ?

We contribute to funding positive actions

We have contributed financially to the Argentinian NGO Fundación Vida Silvestre since 2014, a WWF member with over 30 years of experience in sustainable development and nature conservation.  We have thus participated in funding conservation projects in the Natural Reserve of Urugua-í, such as Park Rangers training, local species monitoring, native trees reforestation…

We commit to responsible and respectful tourism

Ever since our creation, we have created itineraries that respect the local communities and visited areas. We have been working with our providers for many years and built a trusting, equal partnership. We propose off-the-beaten paths destinations, away from mass tourism, to promote authentic encounters and we avoid contributing to the over-exploitation of some well-known sites.

We also invite you to participate in some hands-on activities during your stay, experience community-based housing, or visit solidarity projects.

We challenge ourselves

We challenge our commitment: we are currently auditing our practices to improve, complete and change what needs to be, even when it seems difficult. We are looking forward to being more socially and environmentally responsible within our team, with our providers, with our partners, with our travellers. We have decided that responsible traveling – for Nature and Humans – must inspire all our activities.

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What can you do with us ?


Be a Responsible Traveler

Embrace the responsible travel philosophy.

Slow Down

Argentina is a huge country, and flying is almost unavoidable in order to connect its different regions. We however try to limit domestic flights the most we can in your itineraries. Traveling in an authentic, off-the-beaten paths manner requires taking your time: distance cannot always be shortened, and the journey is an experience of its own. We will often suggest trading numerous stopovers for a more in-depth exploration of a region and its traditions – enjoying a stay in a luxurious Eco lodge, learning traditional weaving, crossing the Andes by boat… You will treasure these memories for a long time.

Donate to offset the Carbon Footprint of your trip

Why not calculate the Carbon Footprint of your trip and offset it by donating to NGOs such as CarbonFund or the Footprint Calculator?

Better yet, you can donate to local projects via Terra Argentina – a way to say thank you to the country and people who welcomed you.