The Patagonian Glacier Region

The 600,000 hectares of Los Glaciares National Park stretch from the arid Patagonian steppe to the Andes Mountains, natural border with neighbouring Chile. From north to south, the National Park is 350km long and contains a National Reserve of 180,000 hectares. Southern Patagonia’s ice field, the second largest after the Antarctica’s, is worth a visit. It features over 200 glaciers, the most famous being the Marconi, the Uppsala, the Agassiz, the Moreno, the Onelli and the Spegazzini. These glaciers may appear to stand still, but they are constantly moving, offering visitors never-ending surprises. Once in a while, blocks of ice detach from the glaciers’ front and plunge into the lake’s milky waters with a deafening noise. Experience this unforgettable moment at the Perito Moreno Glacier located 80km away from El Calafate by the Argentino Lake.

Los Glaciares National Park

With a total area of more than 600,000 hectares, Los Glaciares National Park extends from the arid Patagonian steppe to the Andes Mountains, the natural border with Chile.

It includes a National Reserve of approximately 180,000 hectares. The South Patagonian ice field, which is the largest in the world after Antarctica, is worth the trip. It has at least 47 major glaciers (out of more than 200 in total!), the main ones being the Marconi, the Upsala, the Agassiz, the Perito Moreno, the Onelli and the Spegazzini.

Even if they appear to be immobile, these glaciers are in constant motion, creating a permanent spectacle. From time to time, blocks of ice break off from the glacial façade and fall with a bang into the milky waters of the lake. The most famous of them all, the Perito Moreno, located 80 km from El Calafate, invites us to this breathtaking experience.

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