Northwest Argentina

A tour among the high summits and arid or sub-tropical valleys of Northwest Argentina will allow the visitor to lean into the country’s pre-Columbian history. Lost in the majestic beauty of this natural environment, ancient villages retain their traditions and popular festivities, always a great opportunity to taste the local artisanal cuisine.

Salta province, a key region for the wars of independence, is the gateway to the surrounding valleys. Travel through the “Quebrada de Humahuaca” and its fascinating Calchaqui Valleys.

The neighbouring Jujuy province, proud of its pre Columbian and colonial cultural heritage, also hides many enchanting and colourful villages.

Tucumán, next door, is the Republic’s Garden, the symbol of Argentina’s freedom. Ideal for scenic road trips and exquisite Argentine winetasting, drive around the northwest valleys, from Santiago del Estero to Tucumán, passing through Río Hondo´s Thermal baths, from San Fernando del Valle in Catamarca to the ruins of the Quilmes natives; from Purmamarca to La Quiaca, gateway to Bolivia.