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We are seasoned tourism professionals, with more than 15 years of experience exploring and sharing our passion for Argentinian culture and landscapes.

Once Upon a time

The spirit of adventure, independence and comradeship presided over the foundation of the first Terra agency in 1998, in Bolivia. Two friends, now business partners, set out to invite travellers to experience South America as they knew it. Pierre, our co-founder, discovered Bariloche… and has not left eversince, seduced by the pure waters, the snowy peaks of the Cordillera and the Argentinians warmth. Terra Argentina was born.


14 years later, we are very lucky to still work from the heart of northern Patagonia, in San Carlos de Bariloche, capital of the Argentinian Lakes District.  Our  location at the gates of the Nahuel Huapi National Park is certainly one of our best assets. We work very closely with our sister-agencies in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil… to offer a complete South-American experience. Over the years, we have become a reliable and well-known operator, successfully organizing numerous cross-border trips for all tastes and styles.


We are constantly exploring new sites and trying out new experiences across the country, crafting true, authentic moments and encounters to share the Argentinian culture at its finest with our travellers. Come onboard, and let Argentina surprise you as it still surprises us.

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Always on the lookout for novelties, our team shares its field explorations with you!

Meet our team

pierre - terra argentina

Pierre Boyer is the founder and former manager of Terra Argentina and co-founder of Terra Group. With more than 20 years living across Latin American countries, he knows Argentina like the back of his hand, and is a wine aficionado.

jacquie - terra argentina

Born and raised in Bariloche, Jacquie is a sports and outdoors enthusiast. She has more than 15 years of experience in tourism, has explored every single Argentinian Province, and loves what she does. If you ever come skiing in Patagonia, she will give you her tips and share a hot chocolate between two slopes!


One great thing to do

Hike every weekend in the Lakes region: I will never get tired of our incredible landscapes, and the passing of seasons in this region.


A Personal Favourite

Pedral Lodge,nestled in a private Magellanic penguin reserve on Patagonia’s Atlantic Coast.


Something Yummy

The traditional Patagonian roasted sheep, to change from the omnipresent (albeit exquisite) beef meat!


Something Incredible

Ever dreamt of seeing Cape Horn? + link australis.

I am originally from Buenos Aires but I have lived in Bariloche since 2007.

As soon as I arrived in Patagonia, I entered the world of tourism, and until now, with pride and passion, I enjoy welcoming people from all corners of the world in my beautiful country.

One great thing to do

Spend a night at the Puerto Blest hotel on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, surrounded by forests and mountains. A real disconnection and rest in a natural but also comfortable place.

A Personal Favourite

Visit Mendoza and its regions of vineyards and bodegas. Taste a Malbec accompanied by a “picada” while contemplating the Andes mountain range.

Something Yummy

Argentinian pizza!

Huge, with lots of mozzarella, and every kind of ingredient you can imagine. In addition, the ideal combination would be with a good craft beer. You will find a wide variety in Argentina.

Something Incredible

Observe whales with their calves passing next to your boat at the Valdés Peninsula, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in South America. The show will leave you speechless!

sophie - terra argentina

Argentina… My adoptive country, which welcomed me with open arms ever since my arrival 7 years ago. After 3 years in Bariloche, exploring the great lakes and mountains, I left for the Andalucian sun. But Patagonia’s call was stronger, and merely a year later, I was back – for good this time. I have traveled all over Argentina, and I will gladly share my secrets and assist you to build your dream trip. Sign in for my enthusiasm and a sprinkle of humour, and I will gladly welcome you in this huge and beautiful country.


One great thing to do

Feel the tango compas  in an authentic milonga in Buenos Aires – take your first steps here!


A Personal Favourite

Join the lucky ones and watch as huge ice blocks detach from the Perito Moreno Glacier in Calafate. It is a natural wonder, unique and fortunately un-programmable ?. Have a look!


Something Yummy

Set south to the most remote town in the world: Ushuaia. Try the “centolla”, Southern King Crab, straight from the Beagle Channel – nothing beats fresh local products! 


Something Incredible

Gauchos’ charm might throw you off your horse… Do not say I did not warn you 😉