Responsible Travel Guidelines

We want the trips we organize to raise awareness among our travellers, and introduce them to the diversity of our country, its assets, but also the existing threats to our natural and social balance. Through unexpected encounters, cultural differences and the diverse natural environment, you will get to experience what Argentina truly means. We have humbly written down a few guidelines that we invite you to follow while traveling with us. Adopt it, adapt it, take the steps you feel comfortable with and know that every single change matters!


About the local lifestyles and traditions, the environmental and economic situation of the country you are in… whenever something makes you feel curious or uncomfortable, do not be afraid to ask questions to get a chance to understand. Get information before you leave and learn a few sentences to be able to communicate a little once you are here. Argentine people are warm and welcoming, take the time to get to know them!


Whenever you can, choose committed or respectful service providers when you travel. Check the comments left by other travellers, try to understand their practices… We have been working with our guides, drivers, housing and transportation providers for many years and we make sure to implement the legal and economical requirements. Should you witness any harm perpetuated against people, animals or visited areas, raise the alarm so that we can react fast. Together we build better travels by looking out for our natural and social environment.


Pack a few sustainable items to reduce waste and travel lighter: a tote-bag for shopping, package-free toiletries and cosmetics, a refillable bottle… For souvenirs, shop responsibly: support local craftsmanship by buying authentic handmade products – or try intangible options: treat yourself to a tango or cooking lesson, a gourmet dinner, donate to a local association…


Collaborate with the small things: sharing time and daily activities with your hosts is the best way to connect with them and deepen your understanding of a different lifestyle. Help us preserve our beautiful regions by adopting an environmentally friendly behaviour even while away from home (water and energy consumption, waste reduction…)


Travelers open their door to other realities. Expect the unexpected, which is a given when you travel, it can turn into beautiful surprises. Try to adapt and accept the occasional living and hygiene basic conditions, it may allow you to experience a different way of life. Taste the local cuisine, and follow us to lesser-known sites, which will be more authentic and as surprising as the famous ones!


Tourism provides a lifeline to many locals, and the interest international travelers show for natural or historical sites helps advocate for their protection. Save money for tipping, which can make a big difference for many workers – read our practical information to know more.

By traveling, you also share another kind of riches: you engage a conversation – your contribution is not only economical, but also cultural. When you are back home,  share your experience, pass on what you have learned and what you have received – we trust you will not leave empty-handed, but richer than before.


Respect the places you visit. Watch animals from a distance and in silence so as not to disturb them, and do not feed or touch them either. Follow the natural reserves and parks guidelines. Respect local people and if you wish to take someone’s picture, ask their authorisation – a smile goes a long way!


Travels can challenge you, provide you with new ideas, inspire you… Channel this energy to start something! Commit to sustainable projects back home or in your host country, for instance through our agency: we contribute to several conservation actions and will be happy to take you in! In the meantime, you can start to offset your trips’ carbon footprint through the CarbonFund or the Footprint Calculator.


Thank you for joining us in this journey toward respectful and responsible travels.