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Trekking Patagonia – Glaciers and Lakes

Idea of itinerary travel in Argentina in 14 days.

Breathe in the Patagonian fresh air in this journey that takes you hiking in the Andes.

Start in the Great Lakes area before heading south the Glaciers National Park. Enjoy the wild outdoors and the small mountain refuges, trek upon the ice and spot the majestic condors and many other local species. Get up early to admire the sunrise and take in the views – a treat for hikers only.

Length of stay: 14 days

Kind: Treks


Countries visited: Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

Refugio Otto Meiling, Río Negro, Argentina

Refugio Agostino Rocca, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Puerto Pañuelo, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

El Calafate, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier

Laguna Torre, El Chaltén, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Puesto Cagliero, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Estancia Los Huemules

City Tour Buenos Aires

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Day 1 : City Tour Buenos Aires

Meet your driver at Ezeiza International Airport – transfer to Buenos Aires in a private vehicle. Transfer with an English-speaking guide. Visit Buenos Aires (half day, walking tour).

Today, discover the political and historical centre of the capital . Start with the 9 de Julio Avenue , the widest in the world, dominated by the Obelisk , a symbol of Buenos Aires. You will pass the Colon Theatre , one of the jewels of the Argentine architecture, before arriving on the Capital main square, P laza de Mayo.

Your visit then takes you to San Telmo : this historical neighbourhood is a dynamic mix of tourists and locals: picturesque alleyways, old typical cafés, antique shops … This lively barrio is animated day and night – a famous flea market takes place every sunday around Dorrego square.

End your visit with the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca , with its small alley of El Caminito : painters, tango dancers and singers meet between the ancient colourful wooden houses.

Return to your hotel after the visit.

Excursion carried out with an English-speaking guide. Boedo Experience : Discover the historical Boedo neighbourhood in Buenos Aires and the daily life of a franco-argentinian family.

Visit the neighbourhood walking amongst the typical murales (colourful wall paintings) celebrating tango and football, before having a drink at Café Margot – a symbolic place dear to the locals.

Your hosts welcome you in their house, to teach you how to make empanadas and share a meal together. The evening ends with a kahoot game, quizzing all participants about the neighbourhood and its history.

Night at the Tango de Mayo Hotel in standard room.

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Day 2 : Buenos Aires

Transfer from your hotel to Buenos Aires Domestic Airport in a private vehicle. Domestic flight Buenos Aires*- Bariloche.

*National o international airport depending on time schedule and availability. Transfer from the Bariloche airport to your hotel in a private vehicle. Transfer with an English-speaking guide. Cooking workshop : experiment with the local cuisine accompanied by a local chef !

According to the typical regional meal you are going to cook, you will look together for the best ingredients. Meanwhile, discover the local culture, different uses of each food product and enjoy your host’s stories about gastronomy.

Tie your apron and get ready to prepare your meal with the chef, and enjoy the tasting ! Night at the Posada Los Juncos in standard room.

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Day 3 : Refuge Otto Meiling (1919 m)

Private transfer from Bariloche to Pampa Linda in the Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Scenic road across valleys and mountain sides with beautiful views over the lakes and forests below.

2h drive aproximately, 73 km.

Hiking – 14 km – Elevation +1060m – Moderate Intesity

This trail takes you through a century-old Coihue forest that offers beautiful views over the valley below. After a rocky and steep terrain, you reach Otto Meiling mountain refuge, by the Tronador.

Mount Tronador is an imposing dormant volcano located on the border between Argentina and Chile, culminating at

3 491masl. It was named Tronador (Spanish for ‘Thunderer’) by locals in reference to the sound of seracs falling regularly.

It was first climbed by Hermann Claussen on 29 January 1934 and shows three summit peaks. Its location in an area featuring abundant rains accounts for its ever-lasting snow and seven glaciers.

Trekking details: 4h to 5h hike, steep ascent.

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Day 4 : Refuge Agostino Rocca

Hiking – 18 km – Elevation +1268 / -959m – Moderate Intesity

This morning you are preparing to cross the Alerce Glacier to the “Paso de las Nubes” – or “Cloud Path”.


After a short walk, you tie up and put on crampons to cross the glacier – a great opportunity to get closer to this frozen world, its colors and crevasses.

At the exit of the glacier, you arrive on the ridge that takes you to the Paso de las Nubes.


After a steep descent you cross green meadows until the refuge Agostino Rocca.


Night in the Rocca Refuge.

Trekking details: 6h to 7h hike.


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Day 5 : Bariloche - Navigation - Frias Lake - Pañuelo Harbor

Hiking – 14 km – Elevation -1373m – Moderate Intesity

This morning you leave the heights of Paso de las Nubes to go down into the valley to reach the Frias Lake where the catamaran awaits you.

From the refuge, you will admire the turquoise waters of the lake, which contrasts with the surrounding mountains.

You cross forests of Nothofagus, native Andean trees of Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia before the navigation that will take you back to Bariloche.

Trekking details: 6h hike.

Meet at the port of Frias Lake at 15h30, for a 20 minutes navigation until Puerto Alegre.

A bus will then take you 3 km away to Puerto Blest where you will embark on another catamaran to navigate the Nahuel Huapi Lake until reaching Puerto Pañuelo, in Bariloche.

Transfer in a private vehicle from Puerto Pañuelo to your hotel in Bariloche.

Night at the Posada Los Juncos in standard room.


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Day 6 : Bariloche - El Calafate

Transfer in a private vehicle from your hotel to Bariloche Airport.

Domestic flight Bariloche – Calafate.

Transfer from El Calafate Airport to your hotel in a private vehicle.

An English speaking guide will acompany you during your transfer.

Free day in El Calafate.

Enjoy your free time to try one of the following activities:

– Visit the “Laguna Nimez” Natural Reserve to enjoy the wilderness and observe the flamingos and the 80 other species of birds living there. This is an easy, 20-minute walk from the city center – duration of the visit: 2 hours.

– Visit the Interpretive Center which covers various themes such as paleontology, geology, anthropology and history.

– Rent an electric bike to explore the city.

– Have a drink downtown at the ice bar.

The Rancho Aparte experience offers the opportunity to savour a home-cooked meal in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Chef opens the doors to his home, a small house overviewing El Calafate.

What Gabo says: “Travel through the encounters you make – and what best way to get to know us than sharing a meal, listening to some nice music, making new friends while living a different experience. I will make yourself feel at home, come meet me in Rancho Aparte”

3-course meal, 1 non-alcoholic drink and 1/2 bottle of wine per person included.

Night at the Los Canelos hotel in a standard room.

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Day 7 : El Calafate

Departure from your hotel in regular service, to Los Pioneros port, located in Los Glaciares Park.

You sail for 1 hour then continue with a small trekking of 2 km to Lago Frías. Cross the lake aboard zodiacs and start the 2nd trekking of 4.5 km. You walk through a forest of centennial lengas, then an old glacial valley to finally reach the Frías Superior Lake. From here you can admire the Dickson, Cubo and Grande glaciers.

After lunch, return to El Calafate.

Note 1: Aprox 6 hours trek (14 km)

Note 2: Moderate difficulty

Note 3: Groups of 12 people maximum

Video Excursion Glaciar Sur Aventura

Night at the Los Canelos hotel in a standard room.

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Day 8 : Perito Moreno Glacier- Ice trek - El Calafate - El Chalten

Glacier Hike – 2 hours – Low Intensity

This excursion will allow you to fully experience this exceptional natural environment.

We pick you up at your hotel and start a 75km ride to Los Glaciares National Park.

From the harbour located at Bahia Bajo de la Sombra, embark on a 20 minute navigation to cross Brazo Rico and dock at the foot of the refuge.

Start a small walk amidst exuberant vegetation. Pause on a beach near the glacier, where the guides will give a few explanations about glaciology. Continue the walk to reach the foot of the glacier where you don the crampons before starting the trek.

2 hour trek on the ice accompanied by mountain guides.

Return to El Calafate in the afternoon.

Note: This tour, due to the physical requirement and the difficulty of the terrain, is only open to those who have a good physical condition to walk on the ice and stone, and is limited to people aged between 10 and 65.

We recommend you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof clothing, gloves, trekking boots, and a backpack of 40 litres.

Lunch box gourmet included.

Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park included.

Transfer in pool service from the hotel in El Calafate to the hotel in El Chalten.

Departure at 7:30 pm.

210 km. 3 hours.

Night at the Hosteria Confin Patagonico in a standard room.

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Day 9 : El Chalten - Trekking Laguna Torre

Hiking – 6 hours – Elevation +536m / -132m- Moderate Intensity

Trek by yourself up to Laguna Torre.

Maps are available at the entrance of the Park and trails are well marked.

You are off to a beautiful walk to reach the nearest viewpoint on the range of the legendary Cerro Torre. It lasts about three hours on a trail without great difficulty, passing through the viewpoint of Torre.

Before reaching the lake, walk by the De Agostini camp and after a ten minutes walk through the last glacial moraines, access one of the most famous sights of the park: the spectacular Cerro Torre, Egger and Standhardt, the snowy range of the Adelas…

Night at the Hosteria Confin Patagonico in a standard room.

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Day 10 : Estancia Los Huemules - Puesto Cagliero

Private transfer from El Chalten to Estancia los Huemules.

From the estancia, follow the 7km path through the Devil’s River valley – 2-3 hour walk. You reach the Puesto Cagliero Refuge, with a privileged view of the Devil’s Lagoon and the Cagliero glacier, located in the Estancia los Huemules, to the north of the Glaciares National Park.

From the Refuge, you can either hike by yourself or hire a local mountain guide to guide you through some paths.

Walks available: Lagunas Escondidas, Cumbre Loma del Diablo, hike among the hills, or the Ice Trek Cagliero excursion to hike on the glacier after a vía ferrata trail.

Night in Puesto Cagliero with full board (except drink) in standard room.

Note: a hike by yourself to the glaciers requires crampons and minimum technical equipment – please consult with us prior to your trip.

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Day 11 : Estancia Los Huemules - El Chalten

After your breakfast, leave El puesto Cagliero to return to El Chalten.

Private transfer from the estancia Huemules to Chalten.

Night at the Hosteria Confin Patagonico in a standard room.


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Day 12 : El Chalten - El Calafate - Buenos Aires

Transportation by bus to El Calafate. Trip length around 3h.

Domestic flight Buenos Aires* – Calafate.

*National o international airport depending on time schedule and availability.

Transfer from Buenos Aires domestic airport to your hotel in a private vehicle.

Night at the Palo Santo Hotel in Premium room (STD).


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Day 13 : City Tour Buenos Aires

Walking City Tour Buenos Aires (half day).

Guided tour of the Recoleta neighbourhood, characterized by many colonial houses, often old houses of historical figures, currently inhabited by powerful Argentine families. Enter the luxurious Pacifico Shopping Center, characterized by its French architecture of 1889 with vaulted ceilings. This stunning place is a locals’ favourite.

Visit the Recoleta Cemetery, where many celebrities, writers and politicians rest. The best known and most revered even today is the tomb of Evita Peron, the legendary wife of President Peron.

Continue your visit by the Palermo neighbourhood, with a stroll in the park Tres de Febrero, inaugurated in 1875, representing the largest green area of the city.

Return to your hotel.

Night at the milonga, ballroom for tango aficionados

Step in the intimate atmosphere of the milonga to observe the tango etiquette at ease while sipping champagne: men cross eyes with seated women to invite them. A small nod means yes, and dancers then meet directly on the floor. The atmosphere is warm and lively at the tables, between visitors and regulars.

Note : the exact time and place of the milonga may vary depending on the day (El Beso, La Catedral, El Canning…) – some start at 7pm, others at 11pm, and a few continue till dawn, ending with hot coffee and fresh croissants!

Evening accompanied with an English speaking guide. Transfer to the milonga

Night at the Palo Santo Hotel in Premium room (STD).


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Day 14 : Buenos Aires

Transfer from the hotel to Ezeiza International Airport in a private vehicle.

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