Ushuaia : discover the end of the world !

“Ushuaia” and “Tierra del Fuego” are two mythical names still shrouded in mystery.  Magellan expeditions in the 16th century put Tierra del Fuego on the map. Captain Fitz Roy’s travels and Darwin’s explorations in the 19th century deepened the curiosity for this remote destination. The archipelago was named “Land of the fire” after the fires kindled by the native peoples, which explorers could observe from the ships. Countless shipwrecks have occurred in this particularly hostile area. The Cape Horn still remains a very dangerous pass with extreme natural conditions, where many seasoned sailors have lost their life. Tierra del Fuego evokes desolated and remote landscapes, but also human activity and creativity in a hostile environment. Puerto Williams on the Chilean side, and Ushuaia on the Argentinian one, both claim to be the most southern city in the world.

Come explore this region, last piece of land before Antarctica: hike the Tierra del Fuego paths, row on its crystal-clear waters, sail the Beagle Channel until the iconic Les Eclaireurs lighthouse… Preserved species and out-of-this-world landscapes are the ultimate reward in this rough climate.

For a lifetime memory, board a top quality cabin cruiser and sail across the Chilean fjords all the way from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, following in the very first explorers footsteps, or cross the Drake’s Passage until the 7th continent and explore Antarctica.

Prepare your next trip to Ushuaia !